Hello World!


Well hi there!

So it’s about time I got started on this project. What is this all about, you ask? Good question!


I’m not really sure yet 🙂

I DO know that life occurs at a great speed, and at age 27, I have already wasted some valuable time without exploring the world, my family history, or my inner creativity. This is what we shall explore together! 

But first a little about me:

My name is Ashley, and I am a born and raised Florida native still residing in South Florida. 


Thats Me!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great living here, but I think I’m ready to see what else is out there. I am one semester away from completing an MBA, concentration in Marketing, and will be scouring the globe for my next big gig (currently open for any suggestions). My loving and devoted boyfriend (5 years and going), Jeremy, is itching to get out of South Florida too. Like me, he loves to explore and encourages me try new things constantly, so he’s a keeper (plus he’s pretty good looking which helps). 

I can’t wait to show you some of the crazy stuff we do! Currently, our hobbies and interests are:

  • Travel
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Buddy (our Yorkie)
  • DIY Projects
  • Food/Drinks <—-who doesn’t love to eat???

Jeremy and



We’re kind of outdoorsy folk…but having so much fun! So look forward to our upcoming blog for…….. something interesting!  

Ok, byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!



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