West Coast Living


Exactly two months into the California adventure and the verdict is in…we LOVE it!!! It’s still feeling like a vacation. Everything we do is brand new for us; new food, new parks, new stores, new streets, new weather, new people, new jobs, new living, new everything!

It wasn’t easy to leave all things familiar- family, friends, home, Publix…but it was time to write our own adventure. This is how we started…

van tran

There were tons of challenges in figuring out how to make the leap over half the country with all of our stuff, cars, and Buddy. We spent countless hours estimating, calculating, requesting quotes, and researching the cheapest and easiest ways to get our stuff. In the end, it was much easier (and sombering) to sell or donate bulky furniture and unsentimental items and only keep the essentials. We packed up as much as possible and loaded it up 7ft tall onto a pallet and shipped it across country. The remainder, daily essentials, were shoved into the VW and traveled the nearly 3,000 miles with us (and Buddy!).


Because Jeremy is simply a nut, we drove almost non-stop through the 8 states on I-10 and stopped at those lovely rest station/truck stops every few hours. I attempted to catch the “Welcome” signs for every state we passed through but almost all borders were crossed in the dark of the night making the photo-op nearly impossible. These are some day shots we got during our adventure…


We did make one stop at The Alamo in San Antonio, TX and a hotel for a night of rest in a nice fluffy bed. It was slightly less relaxing then expected because we had to smuggle our illegal canine into the room, and prevent him from yipping throughout the night (a $250 fine if we were to get caught with him!). So, with the T.V. blaring, curtains closed, door triple-locked, and Buddy shoved under the sheets and comforter (for warmth of course), we attempted to rest up for the long haul to the Golden state.

We took an hour or two to walk out and explore the area, and I must say that I was enamored by the classy western-Mexican theme of the area. There was a bit of old-school glamour combined with city charm which found me contemplating a return visit in the future…eh, well see. There is so much of the world to explore…but San Antonio was quite nice!

budthe road to...


Long story short, we made it! It wasn’t easy but the journey lead us into our next chapter and we are all systems go. After an eye-opening near blood-battle in apartment hunting, we got SUPER lucky in landing a nice apartment just blocks from Hollywood Blvd. Our balcony view is spectacular with sights of the “sign”, the mountains, and iconic landmarks in the L.A. area. It’s almost like those gushy movies when the girl moves out to L.A. to follow her dreams and gets an apartment and then struggles to find a job and eventually loses all her money or is robbed and resorts to some scummy waitress gig…except it’s really nothing like that for me 🙂 Anyway, more pictures to come once the place is furnished- it’s been a slow hunt to find some tasteful bargains that we love.

So, as you see, it’s going! We’ve been able to explore here and there and find some fantastic eat spots around town. The food, uhhhh, it’s just so yummy…I can’t wait to compile a collection of our top spots in an upcoming post and show you how mouth-watering the options are. Until then, keep posted by following our Instagram and Facebook pages.



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