Today marks day 1 in the last year of my 20’s. Yup, Happy Birthday to me! In all the celebration, I can’t help to think about the heavy stigma that is weighed on turning 30 years old and what it actually means. While I don’t feel I need to measure up to any set of goals or standards that many have accomplished by this milestone, I do feel the urge to go wild!!! 29

I’m not sure what changes at 30, but I’ll soon find out. I never thought age to be a defining characteristic of an individual, more just a span of opportunity to develop character, knowledge, and experiences. I was never interested in being married with two kids by age x and CEO of company y  at that time or owning a house or making x income. Age is just a number and I don’t think I’ll ever really grow up.

So, what’s next? Inspired by the #REI1440project which explores how we spend every minute of every day, I vow to fulfill my own #5230project which encourages me to get out and try something new every week during this last year of my 20’s and leading up to the big three-oh. 52 weeks until 30 years old! Whether it be a rugged back-country adventure or a quaint at-home project, I will challenge myself for one year to just make the best, try something new, and document my adventures. I’m not sure what I am hoping to gain from this project but I know it will be better than sitting around and waiting for it.

So here’s to life, love, and adventure!



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