Surprise, Surprise


Sometimes we do sweet things for each other. Last week, Jeremy took me hostage for a surprise adventure! He silently navigated south and wouldn’t provide any detail as to where we were headed. Driving along the PCH, a mere crevasse of the coast meeting the mountainous range on either side of our car, was enough to keep me occupied and from guessing our final destination every three seconds. After about an hour and a half driving, we finally neared closer. That’s when he covered my head with a towel so it was a complete surprise when we arrived! Fine by me- it was actually kind of fun.

I heard the parking attendant as we paid to park and proceeded to the lot. Once backed in, I peered out onto an open mountain range lined with crops along the edges- still stumped as to where we were. Finally with a turn of the head I saw the banner, “San Diego Safari Adventure“. Woo hooo!!!! We’re at the zoo! More excited then most kids, I jumped up and down with pure glee and skipped towards our adventure.

The day was filled with walking around the 1800 acre park, experiencing the many close-ranged animal exhibits, and taking in all of the beauty that surrounded us. I didn’t take very many animal photos because I was much more interested in simply observing them within their habitats and debating on whether I should go back to school to become a zookeeper. I think I would kill it as an animal keeper and giving talks and performing for large crowds and educating visitors on environmental protection. Eh…we’ll see.



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