Louis Vuitton: Series 2


Fashion, sequins, mirrors, gloss.

Leather, stitching, high heels, boss.

Perfectly imperfect style.

Live your life inside and out.

This week I totally stepped out of my norm and explored a well known label in the fashion industry, Louis Vuitton. The exhibit, Series 2, was a temporary exhibit set up about half a block from my apartment and open to the public (FREE!!!). While I had a tiny bit of curiosity, this is not the sort of thing I normally spend much interest or time exploring.

Nonetheless, I set out with a few work friends for a lunch-time adventure! We walked over to the LV draped building and headed in for the adventure. With only my iPhone in tow, I snapped a few pics to bring you a taste of what I experienced. It was a delightful marrying of fashion, art, technology, and history. There was a little something for everyone who walked through the exhibit.

There was much more than just pictured here. From the magic trunk, to the 360 runway, this was an eye-opening experience for me. I expected to see a bunch of clothes, shoes, bags, and trunks on display. Instead, I think I took away the craft, precision, and genuine workmanship that exists in the fashion industry. Hats off to yo fashionistas. Hats off to you designers. Hats off to you Louis Vuitton.



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