Beached Buddy: Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, CA


obsession noun, ob-ses-sion: a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal

It might be, but how can you blame me? He is so gosh darn cute! So why not explore a new area with my buddy in tow? This week we went to Rosie’s Dog Beach to see how Buddy would like the salt and sand between his paws!

Only about an hour away, this dog-friendly 3-acre beach front is basically just an open play area for dogs to frolic in the sand and enjoy the brisk Pacific waters if interested. While we have been to tide pools with Buddy, he never had the chance to play and experience the waves of the ocean in freedom. Here was his chance.

Conclusion: all Buddy cares about is his frisbee. Seriously. From the moment it accidentally fell out of my bag and even after he was swallowed by the waves, his only focus was the little red disc. We threw that toy for about an hour as he chased and retrieved again and again. He must have swallowed a pound of sand by the time it was all done (and yes, we saw evidence for the next 2 days on his daily walks…). No interest in the other dogs, no interest in exploring the shore and the waves, no interest in birds, or treats.

In the end, we successfully tired him out and know that we’ll likely keep the games in the park from now on!



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