California Cruisin’: Southbound on the PCH


Over the years, and even more so recently moving across country, I have come to realize the importance of true friendship. It’s not easy to come by, and if you are anything like me, it usually takes some time to build enough trust to let just anyone into your life. But when you do find those rare individuals that you choose to let in, it’s really important to keep them close. So, I invited (or forced) my best friend Cristie to head over to the west coast and explore parts of southern California that I still had not. It’s was the perfect opportunity to add to the #5230project!

Being a total beach bum, Cristie wanted to explore all of the California beaches and beach towns- only having a few days, we decided to just do a southbound exploration guided by the PCH. And, it was fantastic! Oddly enough, we got to experience all facets of SoCal weather (rain storms, sunshine, and snow!), locals, and grub. I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Below is an extremely edited and condensed photog flashback from 3 days on the Pacific Coast Highway…


Santa Monica

Manhattan Beach

Huntington Beach

Laguna & Dana Point

Pacific Beach

The Secret Hideaway


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