My Morning Blanket: Hiking Hollywood


These foggy days prove most ideal for clearing ones mind…

Today I decided to tote my phone along on my morning hike. Typically I only carry car keys and the occasional dog leash as I enjoy to detach and unplug in the ever so connected day-to-day life we all live. I could tell it would be a dense air today so thought it would be a great opportunity to share something beautiful.

The fog provided a blanket of safety even though I had a sense of secludedness from the rest of the morning go-getters around me. I took the west trail and climbed my way up onto the normally nerve wrecking steep ascent. I felt invincible for whatever reason and noticed much more than ever on this familiar terrain. Feeling strong I snapped a few shots and carried on. Just an hour later back in the hus and bus of the busy Hollywood city.


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