Angeles National Forest: Unedited


Continuing my #5230project , we took a rather impromptu weekend camping trip to Angeles National Forest last weekend! We had nothing better to do, and I would venture into the woods anytime you asked me to, so it was a no-brainer to pack up the car and take the dog for his first camping weekend. 

With a barely developed idea, we hoped in the car and drove just an hour outside of LA. Fingers crossed and tension high (mostly my anxiety in finding a campsite during the weekend) we scoured the 30+ sites at the Buckhorn Campground to find our weekend stay and settled in at campsite #7. It was a great spot backed up onto a tiny stream and somewhat protected by a few large boulders. The downside was being located directly next to the restroom… errr permanent porter-potty area…

Anyway, we relaxed for the short-lived two days by lounging in the hammock, experimenting with some charcoal and drawing paper, and exploring just a bit on the near-by trails. Nothing planned, no stress, no worries- just being with nature (and the occasional helicopters, airplanes, sports cars, and beefy motorcycles…we were only an hour from LA after all).

Buddy was not totally sure at first, and struggled when the temperature dropped into the 30’s at night, but in the morning he seemed to have warmed up to the concept and enjoyed the time outdoors. He did let out a few protective woof’s in the middle of the night when a nearby forest animal was tearing away at some tree bark- not confirmed, but it was totally a BEAR! I’m sure Jeremy and I were more concerned than he was, though.

We did survive. In the morning we took a hike out a few miles along some small falls and streams. We even got to offtrail across a log over the water (nothing too impressive, but sure does get the adrenaline pumping)! Upon return to the campsite we cooked up some yummy breakfast; egg white, turkey bacon, tacos. Mmmmmm…. they were so yummy. A perfect end to a great spur of the moment adventure.

In keeping with #5230 and trying new things, I decided that this post would be completely unedited. All photos below are directly from the Canon or iPhone that we had with us this weekend. Sometimes what we capture from nature is simply as impressive as a few filters, tweaks, and magic touches. I think these images help back that up.

I also decided to go make-up free for the entire weekend! It was definitely easier to do so in the woods, but I still faced my fears of the lens and other campers while in the raw. I’m not sure how often I will be able to really put down the mascara, but at least I know that it IS possible. Step 1 in refocusing self-confidence.



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