Jim Morrison Caves: A Secret Part of Malibu


At some point, we all just want to run away from everything, everyone, and hide; some of us more often than others (guilty!). Depending on our purpose, we yearn for a local that meets our needs of vacant seclusion and scenery to clear our minds. The beauty of the great outdoors is that you often are forced to unplug and disconnect which allows you to get in touch with your inner self and tap into your creative spark that may be less influenced when faced with the everyday marketing that we are accustomed to.

During a recent #REI1440project browsing, I came across an amazing post from Malibu. After a bit of research I cleared my Sunday morning to visit, what I learned to be named, the Jim Morrison caves- named so after the theory of his common escape to the location for writing and creating new material.
Tucked into the Santa Monica Mountains, just outside of Malibu State Park, lay trails leading into various caves and cliffs and views just too good to be true! Turn to the left for the valley range, and to the right for the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean. It is nearly a dreamland. Which might explain the wonder of Mr. Morrison.

Who knows if he REALLY did frequent the location, but the inspiration of the tale itself is enough to inspire plenty others to get out, explore, and experience what the range provides and hopefully trigger some inner creativity in each of us.

While there are plenty of smooth sand rock trails and caves to explore, it was clear which the “hidden” Morrison cave was. The iconic carvings and graffiti, while typically a nuisance in the great outdoors, have become a symbolic passage and landmark for visitors. Whether you find “the” cave or not, exploring the area is just as enjoyable either way. It really taps into the exploratory childlike nature we all once had and may need to revisit every so often. I would definitely venture back to this area for further investigation. Care to join me?

p.s.   Does this count as spelunking??? #5230project


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