Playing in Yosemite: Part 1


Yosemite National Park tops the charts in nearly any category- BEST National Park, Most Visited National Park, Most Beautiful National Park, Best Family Road Trips, etc, etc, etc- the list goes on! So we finally bit the bullet and went to check it out for ourselves.

After doing some research, I decided it would be better to explore the Tuolumne Meadows Campgrounds and surrounding trails rather than the more popular Yosemite Valley area. Tuolumne has a good number of campsites, trail heads, streams and rivers, and scenery. It is also quite popular with backpackers hiking on the John Muir Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and other notorious through hikes (I loved this because I could spy on all of their gear, see what they were eating, and compare their BO…it’s like a fun game to guess how long hikers have been on trail based on the odor…but in a totally “I wish it was me” kind of way).

In order to get to Tuolumne, we had to go slightly through the popular Yosemite Valley so we stopped for a few minutes to take in some of what all the hype is about. Unfortunately, there were a few storms rolling in which created a much more gray backdrop than we expected.

Only a few minutes after we paused to take in half dome, and some surrounding waterfalls in the distance, the sprinkles started dropping. We decided to head towards camp so we could setup before the storm rolled in.

Up went the tent, and into the bear box went basically everything else. We were not willing to take any chances in BEAR COUNTRY! After setting up, we took a stroll around our site and walked a few minutes up the ever so adorable Tuolumne River- located about 150 yards from our tent! We also had a nice view of Lembert Dome (which we of course climbed the next day- and we will explore in Part 2). And then…the rain….

The rain was off and on all evening, but allowed us to get a fire going long enough to get some food and warmth before bed. As you can imagine, up the mountains, when the rain clouds come in, the temperature drops down quickly. We bundled up and tucked in early.

Over the course of the 3 days in the park, I wondered to the river/stream quite often. It was so peaceful and calming to just sit near the edge on the smooth rock and look out into the deep wilderness. Many families would have lunch, let the kids play in the frigid waters, and then play on the rocks. I found convenient to dip in my legs and feet after our long day hikes to relax the muscles and recoup for the next adventure.

Sunrises and sunsets weren’t half bad either…

Beautiful, right?!?!? I know…and this is only Part 1! Coming up soon…we take a hike 😉

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