Today marks day 1 in the last year of my 20’s. Yup, Happy Birthday to me! In all the celebration, I can’t help to think about the heavy stigma that is weighed on turning 30 years old and what it actually means. While I don’t feel I need to measure up to any set of goals or standards that many have accomplished by this milestone, I do feel the urge to go wild!!! 


Here Fishy Fishy: To Catalina and Back


We were only prepared for a 1/2 day of fishing just outside of Marina Del Rey, but in some strange luck the charter boat decided to head towards Catalina Island for a full day of fishing! Our path was an unexpectedly beautiful adventure that I doubt could ever be recreated.

5 Tips to Finding YOUR Path

Graduate School- COMPLETE! An ode to those who got me here and how you can do it too!
Debates of college education, student loans, and true values of the educational system have been all the buzz throughout this most recent recession and current economical times. While I do understand where the debate comes into play, I cannot say that one side is better than the other but that the student ultimately determines their own future. 
Sorry, I got pretty serious there…

California Dreamin’ : We’re Heading West!


Burgers, Beaches, Mountains= Los Angeles 

Admission- I know, I am really behind in updating our UK trip, but I have to throw this in now! We took an impromptu adventure to Los Angeles, California this June for some exploring and adventure-time that, basically, changed our life!